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Security Courses

All Security courses offered at Bravo Security Services follow the guidelines of PSIRA.

Our intention is to produce high-quality and trustworthy security personnel and bring the best Security Training expertise.
We offer the following Security courses:

Security Courses

Grade E

Grade D

Grade C

Grade B

Grade A

Special Courses

Cash in Transit (CIT)




Special Events

Dog handler

Instructor Course

Firearms Training

117705: Legal Act

119649: Handgun private handle & use

119652: Self-loading private use

119651: Manually operated rifle private use

123515: Handgun Business Purpose

123514: Shotgun Business Purpose

123511: Self-loading rifle business purpose

123519: Manually operated rifle business purpose

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Sasseta Courses

First Aid Level 1

Moderation Course

First Aid Level 2

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Free Accommodation & Job Assistance after Training